Police arrest a man for assault and possession of drugs at Southbank, London, 2014.

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A few portraits from Southbank, London, 2014.

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Here are some trial DPS I’ve made with InDesign. My story is about the Jubilee Pool in Penzance. All the images from the story are b/w film so I thought it was important to introduce some colour to the spread for visual effect. 

These are only drafts; so in terms of the pros and cons, I think the image I have used for the opener of the story works well establishing the story. You can see that it is clearly a swimming pool because of the railings. This is very important for providing validity to the story as some of my other images do not immediately suggest it is a public swimming pool. With the fonts and colour, I have used the ‘Hoefler’ font for the title which is quite formal, although this does work, I think I will use a font which relates to the art deco movement. This movement was first established in the early 20th century in Paris, and the design represents modernism turned into fashion. 

With the cons now, I think the title in the top spread does not work as effectively as a tittle in the dead space of the water (see 2nd spread). A couple of the words are almost unreadable in the title. Even the slightest inconvenience and obstruction in the reading flow overall makes the spread less effective - therefore limiting the chance of the magazine being bought and read.

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Just another day in Cornwall.

These images from the ‘African Epic’ are truly inspiring. I’m a firm believer of the ‘less is more’ notion, and I really love the simplistic layouts in this collection. It is clear that the graphic designers have played around with the layouts throughout the publication, providing a refreshing and divergent style. Because there is no palpable style throughout - visually the layout is bold and exciting, stepping outside of the box from traditional layouts. Moreover, the use of space is very appealing to me as a reader - the white borders and small implications to the text and titles all add to the visual aesthetics of the publication.

I would like to base my mountain bike spread on elements of this publication - less is more and I also think stepping outside of the box and trying something new can in turn, create something special and innovative.

I’m fond of this design layout - I think the use of colour and dead space work hand in hand. The obvious use of red from the man’s attire visually works here - as well as the use of the subtle red arrow which leads our eyes into more information on the story. 

For our project - a portrait image would not work as there would be too much dead space once cropped for the DPS.

For our second double page spread I’m going to be shooting fourcross mountain biking which will coincide with the final DPS. For my five picture story I’m looking to base it around Tyde D’souza, who is ranked 1st in the under 16’s mountain biking discipline in South-West England. 

It is crucial to shoot for the page, so, in doing this I’m aiming to shoot a variety of portraits and landscapes which provide an in depth narrative of my story. I’m looking to provide at least one action shot of Tyde’s riding, a landscape portraying the overall surrounding and a diversity of portraits.

Inspiration and layout ideas so far has mostly been from ‘Royla’ - a zine by a third year on my course based around all things cycling in Cornwall and the South West of England. 

'Dominic Steinmann' 

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Whilst photographing the downhill mountain event in Tavistock over the weekend, on the side of all the action the surrounding landscape caught my eye aesthetically.